Post-Irene update and more good press

Dan tests his rain gear at home, in the middle of Irene. Not bad!

IRENE: It’s Sunday night and though Irene appears to have slipped past us here in Manchester, our friends up north and in Vermont appear to be dealing with some major flooding.

As we speak, portions of Route 112 (The Kanc), Route 49 (Toward Waterville Valley and Mt. Tecumseh) and a variety of other White Mountain roads are closed due to wash-outs. That could affect us depending on where some trailheads are located. We’ll have to take better inventory in the next few days to see how permanent some of these wash outs may end up being.

PEOPLEFEST: In good news, Dan had a seat at the Family Learning Center booth at PeopleFest Saturday and we managed to nail down nearly a dozen more pledges. We’re in the home stretch now and we’ve nearly reached our goal. If any of you know anyone at all who might be interested, please let them know. Even a small pledge, like 25 cents per peak, is a help!

ITINERARY: We are close to coming up with an itinerary for our first long weekend, Sept. 1-5. Weather looks great right now for Thurs.-Sat. We are certainly going to make an attempt at the whole Pemi Loop. We’ll start Thursday at 5am from Lincoln Woods, up and  over Franconia Ridge and Mt. Garfield and end the first day at the Galehead Hut. After dinner at Galehead, Dan will attempt an evening tag of Galehead Mtn. Then on Friday, it’s up to the Twins, and back down the Bonds to complete the loop. If all goes well, that will be 11 peaks in the first two days! Stay tuned and watch out itinerary page for final details.

MORE PRESS: Dan is being interviewed for All Things Considered on NHPR Monday morning! The interview is not live though, so we’ll post the time that you’ll be able to hear the interview here. Also, The Wire in Portsmouth and GoodGood Manchester website, respectively, will be running pieces on the campaign some time this week. We’ll let you know when.

More good news tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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