Day Two ends with Jackson, Pierce and Eisenhower in the bag

Greetings everyone!

After a slow start this morning (I must admit that getting up and on the trail was tough) the day went nicely with some great grabs of the three southernmost peaks of the Presidential Range – Jackson, Pierce and Eisenhower.

The Franconia Range did a number on me yesterday, I think I need to hydrate better, but after about two miles on the trail, my legs had warmed up and I was moving at a nice clip. Once I got to the summit of Pierce, the trials of yesterday were forgotten as the glorious views and mild weather helped lift my legs and my spirits!

I made good time to Mizpah Hut where I was pleasantly surprised to find stacks and stacks of free leftover pancakes. I think I ate about 20, washed it all down with three glasses of lemonade and a chunk of chocolate chip cake. That was a sugar high that lasted me most of the rest of the day!

The climb up to Pierce was tough, followed by a magnificent ridge hike to Eisenhower. The day started with some storm clouds over Washington but was gone by the time I got to Eisenhower. I made good time down the Edmonds Path and even talked my way into a ride back to Faybiens from some nice folks from Easton. Meena picked my up there and the day was done!

That’s about 11 miles in 9 hours, counting stops and breaks, not bad. SO, that’s makes about 26 miles in two days and 7 peaks. We’re on track!

The trails are in good shape, with only minor blowdowns here or there – Jackson-Webster, Crawford, Edmonds. It was nice to see that Irene missed most of this beautiful section of the Whites.

Tomorrow, is a “rest day” as we only have one peak on the agenda. It’s supposed to be rainy so Waumbek is in my sights. And I have a team this time. Meena, Steve and Ralph will be joining me. I will be good to have partners. And the mellow day will give me time to rest up for an ambitious Sunday and Monday.

Anyway, we’ve gotten some good press from NHPR and some pledges and inquiries have come in. I’ll try to keep up but it may have to wait until I get back – it’s not easy finding a signal up here you know!

Until tomorrow, this is Dan signing off from the White Mountains!

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3 Responses to Day Two ends with Jackson, Pierce and Eisenhower in the bag

  1. Ben Frost says:

    You’re off to a great start! On your way to Waumbek, take a break on the summit of Starr King to see if the Canada Jay will land in your hand and eat dried fruit. Good luck!

  2. Diane Y. Dupere says:

    Great job, Dan! I follow your daily agenda and never cease to marvel at your accomplishment by day’s end. Thanks so much for what you are doing for HC Family Learning Center.

  3. september48 says:

    Hi Ben! Why it just so happens that that’s exactly what we did, Meena tends to like fattening up those hungry birds with her crazy trail mix. Great day! We’ll post some pics soon of those birds!
    And thanks Sister Diane, we’re just walking in our beautiful mountains! Thanks for your encouragement!

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