Day Three ends with a nice and easy misty morning hike to Waumbek

We were visited by a Gray Jay at the summit of Starr-King. They will eat trail mix from anyplace, including the top of a baseball hat!

Well, it wasn’t the a big three or four-day peak bag of the previous days, but my knees needed to rest to get ready for ambitious Sunday and Monday hikes. We won’t hit our 20 for this first weekend, but we’ll get 14-15 and that’s more than a quarter of the way there!

I’ve discovered that 3-4 peaks in a day hike is about my reasonable limit right now, particularly if I have another day or two to go. That’s ok, I’ll get better as the month goes on, and we’re still on track.

With Mt. Waumbek today, that brings our total to 8, with a combined mileage of about 33 miles – not too shabby!

The day started with a rip-roaring thunder-storm that plowed through the north country around 7am. By the time we reached the Starr-King Trailhead, the rain was gone but the weather was sticky, muddy, and damp. It was a perfect day for this lovely peak, which is viewless but a moderate and pleasant 7.2 mile round trip.

#8 with the Waumbek crew! Ralph's hand signs indicate his 45th!

And, I had a team with me for the first time since this quest started, which made me very happy. Meena, Steve and Ralph came along for the fun. It was #45 on the 48’er list for Ralph.

I was shocked to see the parking area packed, I’d never seen that many people climbing Waumbek at once. Oh, yeah, Labor Day weekend.

We made fantastic time up a trail that was damp, but soft and had experienced no ill-effects of Irene. In less than three hours we were enjoying the wooded summit with a half-dozen other equally soggy but happy people.

Nothing major to report about the trails. A five hours round trip. A chance for me to bag another peak AND relax a little for tomorrow. And a chance to hike with friends which is much more fun than going it alone!

On Sunday, Meena and I will be back in the saddle for a three-fer. If weather is nice, Cannon/N and S Kinsman. If weather is lousy, we’ll go get Tom/Field/Willey. Either way, it’ll be great to get back up for a long hike after this nice, easy day!

We have many, many wonderful pictures to share and we’ll build those albums when we get back. For now, I thought I’d share a few in this post.

Meanwhile, thank you all for your positive thoughts and comments and support! Thank you Wire and NHPR for stories on our campaign and thank you everybody who have signed on or made pledges since we began. We’ll get to all of you when we return to Manchester.

Until then, this is Dan signing off from the White Mountains!

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5 Responses to Day Three ends with a nice and easy misty morning hike to Waumbek

  1. Jackie V says:

    WOW!!!!! Eight down! Great JOB, DAN & Friends!!!!!!!

    Dan received $15 from Lucy Jean, e-mail:

    Also Dorie Gagnon’s email is:

    Thanks Dan & Friends! Sr. J. Verville

  2. summersetbanks says:

    Good to meet you yesterday on Waumbek! We’ll be following your progress – looks like you had a good day today and bagged three more.

  3. september48 says:

    Thanks Sister Jackie, that’s great. I’ll get that down when we get back. Three more today, up to 11 now!

  4. Ralph says:

    Keep up the great effort Dan! Hopefully I can find the time to join for a day or two.
    Thanks for keeping u all up tot date on your quest for 48 in 30. Best of luck!
    Bizarro Ralph

  5. september48 says:

    Hi Summerset, yes it was cool meeting you! When we get back for the week I’ll to a post on your site, great stuff, keep it up!
    Thanks Ralph, you better get your butt up here with me! I’ll never let you hear the end of it if you don’t!

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