Day Four gets us to double digits Willey/Tom/Field

It’s nice to be in the double digits!

Day Four of our campaign ended with a triple summit of the wonderful Willey Range – Willey, Field and Tom.

I did a (sort of) loop hike, up the Avalon to Field, over to Willey and back, then over to Tom and back. Trails are fine, though the stream crossing all have massive sand bars and rocks and trees piled up. Nothing to make you miss the signs though.

Rocks were damp because the day was some muggy and hot! Kudos to the Holy Cross Sisters and their super prayer force for keeping the rain at bay. Even with heat thunder rolling through the valley, the rain couldn’t break through the prayer shield. Boy was it loud though. If you’ve ever been at 4,000 feet under mountain thunder, it is a sound that stands your hair on end and makes you move quiet a bit faster than you normally would.

I practically ran down that mountain when the thunder started clapping!

One thing worth mentioning – I had to sacrifice my sprain tape to a lady who fell and twisted her ankle pretty badly. Her and her group of four were way above their heads with a hike to Mt. Avalon (which is very steep) and she did a face plant on the way down. I caught up to her soaking her ankle in the stream about a half mile from the parking lot, so I ran back and got her some tape and gave them instructions for fixing things up later. Nothing broken, but heading into the mountains in bathing suits and flipflops is a recipe for disaster. Glad she was ok though.

Anyway, total trail mile for the day was about 11. That’s put me at about 43 in four days. Not too shabby. Tomorrow, if weather continues its hot ways, I’ll head to the Carter Range with Meena and Neil and attempt a long traverse. Maybe we’ll get three more peaks, maybe we’ll get five. Stay tuned!

Until tomorrow, this is Dan signing off from the White Mountains!

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One Response to Day Four gets us to double digits Willey/Tom/Field

  1. Jackie V says:

    Yeah! So glad the rain held up….. not so sure about tomorrow. Try to get up early, best time of day before rain. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MEENA & DAN!!!!!! One year on MONDAY, September 5th! Congratulations! Sr. Jacqueline

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