Bad weather finally washes out the day from atop Mt. Hale

Our first weekend came to a dramatic close today with the first big storm closing in on us after a summit of Mt. Hale.
We had already cancelled an attempt on the Carter Range and had hoped to make a run at Hale and Zealand but it was not to be.
Rain had threatened the whole day but it really let loose by the time we got to the hut. A climb up to Zealand in that mess would have been too risky.
So we settle for 12 peaks, one quarter of the way there and come back to hike in a few days.
By the way thank you all for your well wishes about our one year wedding anniversary. I could not imagine being any happier in the place I love with the woman I love!
For now we head home to regroup and plan next weekend. Pictures and a full wrap up will follow.
Until then, this is Dan heading home from the White Mountains!

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2 Responses to Bad weather finally washes out the day from atop Mt. Hale

  1. Dan, you’re amazing! Congrats on being 1/4 finished. Smart move bailing on Zealand — safety first!! I’ve no doubt you will finish all 48 before October rolls around. Also, Happy 1st Anniversary!

    Keep on truckin’ — Trish, Alex and Sage

    • september48 says:

      Thanks Trish… it wasn’t too bad of a weekend. We fell a little short of our goal, but didn’t want to risk injuries or worse, so we’ll hit it again next weekend! Hope you three are having the time of your life as well! Good luck!

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