Week two approaches with an ambitious Hut-centric itinerary

Hike your own hike: Our campaign continues this weekend with an ambitious double hut hike. Here's a shot of the path up to Mt. Eisenhower, a cairn leads the way.

One weekend down, and 12 peaks in the bag. Here’s our revised itinerary for this weekend, Sept. 9-12.

It’s an ambitious schedule where we’ll try to use the Huts to knock off 14 peaks in four days!

Friday, Sept. 9 – Dan will head up into the Northern Presidentials to summit Madison, Adams and Jefferson, then make his way to Washington and down to Lake of the Clouds Hut for the night.

Saturday, Sept. 10 – Dan will tag Monroe, then clamber on down to Isolation for a two day total of 6 peaks.

Sunday, Sept. 11 – Meena will accompany Dan up to Garfield and then head over to Galehead Hut and an evening summit of Galehead.

Monday, Sept 12 – The next morning, Meena will head down, while Dan sets off on an ambitious ridge ramble which will include S and N Twin, Zealand, Bond, West Bond and Bondcliff. Meena will come around to Lincoln Woods to get Dan.

If anyone would like to join in on the fun, let us know! As of this writing, the Huts still had space open for those nights. See you on the trail, as our Campaign continues!

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3 Responses to Week two approaches with an ambitious Hut-centric itinerary

  1. Jackie V says:

    Wow! How ambitious of both of you! I was asked to drive to NJ Saturday & return Sunday…. were it not for this, I would try to meet you as you head down to Lincoln Woods!!!! So sorry, I can’t make it!!!!! Jackie V.

  2. Gary Hunter says:

    Just to remind that “Flags on the 48” commemorates the 911 tragedies on Sunday, September 11th, with flags flying atop every 4,000 footer from noon to 2 p.m. “Music on Monroe” hears a clarinet and often vocalists remember those lost a decade ago, with now nine years of blues, patriotic hymns, and quiet remembrance. Best that you be welcomed atop a founder’s hill that day, Sir!

  3. september48 says:

    Hi Sister Jackie, it would be great to see you, though I think I’ll be so tired I may not remember it!
    Hi Gary! Monroe would be a cool peak to be for Flags on the 48. Alas, Meena and I will likely run into flag carriers that day atop Garfield, or perhaps Galehead. Good luck!

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