Down from the Presidentials

Quick note to wrap up the day.
I’ve now covered 73 miles in 7 days of hiking, and 18 peaks.
There is much to write about the last two days, including the fact that wind chill this morning at Lakes Hut was a chilly 10 degrees! But more later.
Tomorrow Meena and I set off for Galehead Hut tagging Garfield and Galehead. Then on Monday I will attempt the most ambitious hike I have ever tried in the Whites, a 20 mile push over the Twins and the Bonds, six peaks in all!
Wish us luck!
Till tomorrow this is Dan signing off from the White Mountains.

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One Response to Down from the Presidentials

  1. Jackie V says:

    Wow! Dan, You sure keep on keeping on! Good luck for tomorrow! I know you can do it, especially with Meena’s help????? You sure are a trooper! Thanks for ALL! Jackie V.

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