summit # 26

Summit #26 Bondcliff.

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3 Responses to summit # 26

  1. Diane Y. Dupere, CSC says:

    Congratulations — you’ve completed more than the halfway mark! There’s just one thng I don’t understand. If you are going up and down hills or traversing mountains, what’s the fatigue factor all about?!
    This from:
    An armchair wanna-be hiker…
    Diane Y. Dupere, CSC

    • september48 says:

      Hi Sister Diane, thanks for the support! Well, there’s three things to consider: First, even though I try to do as much ridge hiking as possible, the actual summit are many hundreds of feet in some case above the actual ridge, so there is ALOT of up and down hiking, even at ridge line. Second, the White are notoriously difficult trails – lots of rock hoping and since Irene came through, a lot of wet and muddy or sometime nearly destroyed trails. Third, I’m not an ultra-hiker. So, yesterday, for example, I hiked 20.2 miles over 6 summits. That’s a lot of hiking for me! Next spring, when you begin hiking, you’ll see! 🙂

  2. Jacqueline Verville says:

    Dear Dan,

    Wow! # 26!!!!! You must be exhausted! Thanks loads!!!!! We have 74 registered to date… maybe more???? Sr. J. Verville

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