Half way there, plus 2!

#14 - Above the clouds on Mt. Adams.

Just a quick post and a couple pics now to catch up after a very tiring, but productive weekend.

On Monday, from the summit of West Bond, we crossed the half way mark of our campaign. Then, we went on to tag two more peaks for a total of 26.

Some numbers from the campaign:




We march on! Stay tuned here for links to pictures from this weekend, trip reports and of course our itinerary for Sept. 16-19.

Big thanks go out to all of you who have sent notes and emails and messages of support and well wishes. It’s hard to respond to them all while we’re up there, but they mean a lot and we appreciate it!

Dan and Meena

#19 - Dan and Meena on Mt. Garfield on Flags on the 48 Day.

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4 Responses to Half way there, plus 2!

  1. Ralph says:

    WOOHOOO!!! Keep up the great work you guys! Wish I was there with you but based on my very poor performance of hiking up to Eisenhower this weekend I’d probably be dead!

  2. september48 says:

    Come on Ralph, you’re a hiking machine! Heck, you carry all that Pepsi and cookie dough up! We thought you were heading up Jackson?

  3. summersetbanks says:

    Great job! Over halfway already is fantastic! I was thinking about you coming off of Bondcliff the other night and how long of day that must have been.

  4. september48 says:

    Thanks Summerset, yeah Monday was quite a slog, 14 hours on the trail, 20.2 miles. The good news is that will be our longest day of the campaign, it’s all “downhill” from here! 🙂

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