Third weekend proposed hiking itinerary

Another challenging weekend is about to begin and our four-day proposed itinerary is more or less set. What follows is the schedule. Trail list and start times depend on weather, as well as if anyone is interested in coming along for any of the fun. Please email Dan ASAP if any of these peaks sound interesting to you!

Dan leaves for the mountains this afternoon, and Meena will follow tomorrow.

We’re looking forward to some great weather as we begin the final push toward completing our quest. Hope to see some of you there!

Dan and Meena

Friday, Sept. 16 – West Side of Franconia Notch: South Kinsman, North Kinsman and Cannon

Saturday, Sept. 17 – North Hancock and South Hancock / East Osceola / Osceola

Sunday, Sept. 18 – Major traverse: North and Middle Tripyramids / Whiteface / Passaconawy

Monday, Sept 19 – Cabot in the morning, Tecumseh in the afternoon

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One Response to Third weekend proposed hiking itinerary

  1. Jackie V says:

    Dear Dan & Meena,

    Hope you brought some very warm clothing!!!! I hear it will be mighty cold out there! Good Luck and careful for the frost!!!!!! Please be safe! Sr. Jacqueline

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