Wacky weather begins third weekend of our campaign

Imagine my confusion as I drove south on Route 116 to my Kinsman trailhead, listening to the weatherband talk about cool but clear skies, and watching the rain hit my windshield.

Like usual, the mountains make their own weather, as was the case as we began our third weekend with a hike up to the Kinsmans and then over the Cannonballs to Cannon Mtn.

Well, it was a tough day… three hours into the hike, already fighting frigid temps, I hit the ridge to discover a wintry wonderland. Yup, snow. Which turned to sleet and then hail. I managed to summit North and South Kinsman in the snow, then struggled over the tough terrain of the Cannonballs to gett o Cannon Mtn. By then, the snow had stopped, but boy was it cold and windy.

I completed the hike, but it took a lot out of me. And like usual, sometime life gets in the way of things. A rescheduled appointment meant that Meena had to leave for New York for a planned visit to her brother a day early and that left me scrambling to decide what to do without a car spot.

And frankly, I’m tired! After sleeping for nearly 12 hours Friday night and STILL waking up exhausted, I decided my body was telling me something and I had better listen. So, we spotted a car on The Kanc (which is now open!) and Meena dropped me off on the southern end of the Osceola Trail. It was just what I needed, a nice seven mile up and over the mountain hike that helped me tag two more peaks.

Tomorrow I may go tag the Hancocks, or if I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll haul out to Owl’s Head. Either way, this long weekend will be a little more mellow than last, and that’s ok. I’d rather stay rested and keep our goal in sight then burn myself out with two weeks to go.

So that’s where we are. One last thing, we’ve decided that our final peak, rain or shine, on Sept. 30, will be little ‘ole Tecumseh! It’s a Friday. We would love to have anyone who is interested join us either to the top, or to celebrate after.

That’s all for now. We have 31 mountains of 48 under our belt! This is Dan, signing off from the White Mountains!

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One Response to Wacky weather begins third weekend of our campaign

  1. Jackie V says:

    Dear Dan,

    Wow, 31 mountains is a great accomplishment having met up with rain, snow and hail! I’ve collected 8 more pledges. Will e-mail you with that info!!!! Congrats! Sr. Jacqueline

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