A good news / bad news kind of day…

Well, the good news is that luck was with me today far in the north country as I headed north of Berlin to bag Mt. Cabot. This a the farthest north 4,000 footer and getting it checked off was important in that it’s a whole day affair, even thought the hike itself is not that difficult.

The luck part happened at the state fish hatchery. You see, the trailhead is located beyond the hatchery. Last time I was there, the state kept the gate open for hikers. This time, they were locking up at 4pm. That meant an extra nearly 7 miles added to the trip and that was too much. So, as I was turning to leave I struck up a conversation with the groundskeeper who said he’d keep the gate open for me until 7pm. Yippee! That’s the good news, I was able to summit peak #34!

The bad news part is a bit more delicate. I believe sometime on Saturday or Sunday, I may have injured myself – my Wikipedia researched diagnosis is a hernia. I’ll be seeing the flesh and blood doctor on Wednesday. There’s no pain, only slight discomfort and a quarter sized swelling on my lower abdomen. Could be a muscle pull or a bruise, of course.

There are three types of hernias: ones that you can live with, ones that can wait to be repaired and ones that need immediate surgery. If it’s one of the first two, our campaign continues. If it’s the last one… well, let’s wait until Wednesday and see what the doc says.

Assuming all is ok, we’ll try for a big blast this weekend, even though weather looks shaky. Starting on Friday, we’ll have 14 peaks to tag in 7 days! It’s gonna be a long week!

I’ll check back with trip reports and pictures tomorrow. And on Wednesday, I’ll give you an injury report. Until then, our count stands at 34, days hiking at 13 and miles hiked at 140!

Oh, and thank you all for the new pledges over the weekend. I apologize in advance for misspellings and not getting back right away. But I’ll get to you all in the next couple days. I promise!

Until then, this is Dan back from the White Mountains!

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8 Responses to A good news / bad news kind of day…

  1. Keith says:

    Let’s all hope this is just over exertion. No pain is hopefully a good thing. Do let us know how you’re doing.

  2. Ben Frost says:

    Cabot is one of my favorites, mainly because it’s way up there; but also because of the memory of hiking it with my parents in the late 70s. While we were up near the summit, we were greeted by Henry Cabot, a gray jay so named by others who’d preceded us.

    Dan, good luck with the doctor and keep us posted. We’re following you every step of the way.

  3. september48 says:

    Thanks Keith, that’s what I’m hoping as well! Ben, I’ve heard about gray jays on Cabot but have never run into any in the times I’ve been there. Perhaps Henry moved to better pickings down in Crawford Notch! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your support!

  4. Jacqueline Verville says:

    Dear Dan,

    Calling the Manor where we have many sisters. I’m asking them to storm Heaven on your behalf!
    hope it is not the most serious kind of hernia. But the good news is that 34 peaks have been tagged/bagged… that is GREAT NEWS!!!! Please do not continue if things are not good with you. We wany you HEALTHY!!!! THANKS LOADS! Sr. Jacqueline

  5. Claudia Rippee says:

    Wishing you the best news on Wednesday. Your are so close to the goal! Claudia

  6. september48 says:

    Thanks Sister Jackie, nice to know I have an army of sisters on my side for once! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the support Claudia, I’m optimistic we’ll be able to continue!

  7. summersetbanks says:

    Oh, let’s hope and pray that this is not the serious sort! I hope you’re resting and relaxing as much as possible – although that’s probably hard with having to wait to see the doctor until tomorrow. You’re just getting to the “I can finish this thing!” point, which is usually somewhere in the high 30’s/early 40’s of the list – good luck!

  8. september48 says:

    Hi Summerset, yup, the waiting is the worst part. And, tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day weather wise, so my legs want to go, go ,go! But I have to be patient ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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