Cabot, and not the cheese, though that’s good too – Sept. 19, Day 13

(This is the fourth of four short Trip Reports from last weekend’s campaign. We’re breaking down each day into a separate report so our friends at TrailsNH can more easily tag each individual hike. Enjoy!)

The old cabin near the summit of M. Cabot provides a nice place to break and have lunch.

Mt. Cabot is the furthest north 4,000-footer on the list – over an hour north from our camp in Whitefield, and the trailhead rests inside the grounds of a state fish hatchery. If you can get to the trailhead, it’s a nice moderate climb with some pleasant views from a cabin near the top.

If you can get to the trailhead…


The fish hatchery: Let’s start here. The hatchery closes at 4 p.m. and there’s a gate. Mostly, they don’t lock that gate. Today, however, as I arrive at 11 a.m., the maintenance guy said they would. Great. That meant nearly 7 miles added to the hike, too much. I turned around and headed home. But as luck would have it, as I drove past the gate, a groundskeeper told me that he’d be there until 7 p.m. and would keep the gate open for me! Yippee! So, I was off!

Trails: The Bunnell Notch Trail is a little wet (it always is) but a real joy to hike. It’s what I call an earth trail, meaning for the most part you hike on the ground, not on rocks. There are water crossings and some rock steps and for the first mile or so, you have nice views of the coming mountains. And the route up Cabot is generally moderate. The cabin near the summit is getting pretty beat up, but I think fondly of it as the location of our celebration of Meena’s 48th summit!

Getting stronger: My injury aside, I felt pretty darn good. This much hiking is getting my trail legs rolling and I was able to cover this 9.4 mile hike in just over 5 hours. I am approaching my ideal 2 mile an hour hiking speed!

Injury: On Wednesday, I’ll see a doctor about my injury and take it from there. I won’t speculate on what he’ll say. Stay tuned tomorrow for that report.

Complete untouched and untoned pictures from the day can be found here:

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2 Responses to Cabot, and not the cheese, though that’s good too – Sept. 19, Day 13

  1. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, seeing the doctor. It’s been such fun following these posts. I’m so hoping you don’t get any news that will slow you down. Good luck!

  2. september48 says:

    Thanks Rachel, as I get more tired the support means a lot! Phew… no worries about the doctor, I’m sure I’ll be able to continue!

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