A little “bump” in the road

Yup, hernia. Don’t get a “lump’ in your throat. I still have a bunch of “hills” to climb.

No problem, it’s common, it’s easy to fix and I have the ok to move forward with the campaign!

In fact, the doctor was very nonchalant about it all, like I had come in with a stubbed toe. So, we climb on.

With 9 days to go, we have 14 peaks to tag. And, if the weather channel is to be believed, it’s going to rain for ten straight days. Just call me Noah. I’ll have our final itinerary up this afternoon sometime.

Here we go!


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5 Responses to A little “bump” in the road

  1. Peter Noonan says:

    Hernia!? Nah. Nothing can stop the Szczesny hiking machine! Hang in there buddy, I’m really proud of your accomplishments.

    • september48 says:

      Thanks man! Can’t wait to write about getting it fixed! Maybe I should start a new blog page, LOL! Hey, are you going to finish with me on Tecumseh on Friday? You need some fresh air!

  2. So sorry to hear about the hernia! But I’m glad you have the doctor’s blessings to continue. Stay strong – but be careful. We want you climbing mountains for a long time to come.

  3. Jackie V says:

    Dear Dan,

    If you are not feeling well, please discontinue the climb. I can’t be responsible for you landing at our Health Care Center!!!!! I did call the Sisters and they are praying…. maybe the mountains will be clear and without rain????? Sure hope so, for your sake! Please be careful! We want you around for a LONG< LONG TIME!!!!! Sr. Jacqueline

  4. september48 says:

    Thanks Rachel and Sister Jackie! No worries, I have the blessing of both my doctor and the surgeon. All is well, and I won’t take any chances, I promise. As for the weather, well…. we’ve had a pretty good run, more than we could ask for! That’s what all that crazy gear I buy is built for 🙂

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