The final stretch begins Saturday, here we go!

Just a quick update to let you all know what’s on tap, since I’ll be out of touch for a couple of days.

After yesterday’s summit of Mt. Moosilauke in the pouring rain, I was tired and my gear was just soaked. So, I decided to take today of, make a pit stop at the laundromat and rest up for tomorrow.

We’ll begin the long, tiring road to the finish line early tomorrow morning as myself, Meena and Neil head up the Carter-Moriah Ridge for a 13-mile, 4-summit climb to the Carter Hut. I’ll spend the night there as Meena and Neil head down, and on Sunday, I’ll climb up to the Wildcats for two more summits.

If all goes well, by Sunday afternoon our peak count will sit at 41, putting us within reach of Friday’s finale up Mt. Tecumseh. I hope the rains hold off somewhat, as the Carter Ridge can be tricky enough in perfect weather. Either way, Saturday will be critical to our long-term success!

In the meantime, it’s been mentioned to me that I tend to use a lot of hiking terminology, even though much of our audience is not composed of hikers! Sorry about that! Please don’t hesitate to ask about a term or location, or just about anything. I’m happy to define things for anyone who might like more information or to help put our hikes into perspective.

For example:

Tagging, bagging, touching, hitting a summit are just a couple of ways of describing getting to the top of a peak. Very few of the summits (Washington, Cannon, Carrigain) have actual buildings or towers at the summit, so there’s no log books or registers to “tag” when I get to the top.

AMC Huts are back country buildings run by the Appalachian Mountain Club. They are run by crews (croos) who, depending on the season, will cook dinner and breakfast for guests, and include bunks to stay overnight. So far, I’ve spent a night at Galehead and Lakes of the Clouds hut. Tomorrow, I’ll spend the night a Carter Notch Hut. Staying at a hut (as opposed to tent site) allows me to carry less gear if I’m staying over and makes it easier for me to tag some peaks as I don’t have to keep climbing up and down to the ridges.

Let me know if anyone has any other questions!

So, that’s if for the evening. It’s time to gear up for tomorrow and try to get some sleep. We’ll be up at 5 a.m. to head for the hills once more.

Until I’m back down, this is Dan signing off from the White Mountains!

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