Summits #37 & 38

Summits # 37 and 38 – North and South Carter.

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3 Responses to Summits #37 & 38

  1. Jackie V says:

    Dear Dan,

    Sorry about the rain..there is only so much “we humans” can do! God is in charge! You are nearing # 48!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! Can’t wait for the 30th!!!!! Sr. Jacqueline

  2. Diane Y. Dupere says:

    Yeah! Ten more to go. With the final countdown in process, know how much your valiant, successful efforts and commitment to the cause are greatly respected. The very best to you as you forge on to complete the final ten!!

  3. september48 says:

    So far so good! Meena will coordinate with you, Sister Jackie, about Friday! If all goes according to plan, I’ll be coming down around 2:30-3pm. Thanks for the support! We’re almost there!

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