Wildcats get wild

(This is the second of two short Trip Reports from this weekend’s campaign. We’re breaking down each day into a separate report so our friends at TrailsNH can more easily tag each individual hike. Enjoy!)

Colors, colors: Fall is near, looking down the 19-Mile Brook valley from near the summit of Wildcat A.

Quick report here as I’m ready to nod off. The Wildcats from the hut to the ski trails are only about 3 miles, but oh what three miles! The day was perfect, the trails were dry, the leaves were popping!

In particular, the hike down the ski trail to the road was very vibrant.

And we reunited a dog to its owner! More on that later!

Wildcats A and D got us into the forties. Seven to go!

Pics will follow. Tomorrow, I attempt Owl’s Head. It’s gonna be a long day.

Until then, this is Dan signing off from the White Mountains!

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One Response to Wildcats get wild

  1. Summerset says:

    Looking good! I know you’re going to the Owl today (Mon.), if you could give me a quick email on where you’ll be this week I might be able to join you. You’re still finishing on Friday on Tecumseh, right? summersetbanks@gmail.com

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