Our campaign ends atop Mt. Tecumseh

Number 48 with Jeff, Zhanna and Inca! All done!

On Friday, Sept. 30 at 12:15 p.m. Dan set foot atop Mt. Tecumseh, finishing our September 48 Campaign with hiking partner Jeff and Zhanna and Inca on hand!

A couple hours later the hiking team exited the woods to a wonderful Trail-gate party, organized by Meena and attended by several sisters from our charity, as well as Trish (mom of the famous Herr Sisters), Janelle and Aaron and several well wishers we picked up on the trail and convinced to come along.

Apple cider, Pepsi, peperoni and cheese were distributed and the party concluded with an amazing hiking cake baked by Meena with the help of the kids; including a marzipan hiker Dan!

It’s been a long, challenging month, but we did it! Our final numbers – 48 peaks, 20 hiking days, 224.6 miles, countless PB & J sandwiches and apples! In the days ahead we’ll post some trip reports and some pictures. We’ll also have a couple drawings for prizes for our subscribers and sponsors, so stay tuned!

Finally, we could not have done this without the support and well wishes of all of you pledgers, subscribers, sponsors and well-wishers. Thank you, thank you! You have all been part of something special, a campaign that will bring real and immediate positive change to the lives of folks who need it.

Sometime, in the next month, we’ll hold a slide show and presentation on the campaign, so look for your invite!

Until then, thank you all. This is Dan, signing off and ready to get some sleep, from the White Mountains!

The vanilla cake and the marzipan mountains and hiker Dan!

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4 Responses to Our campaign ends atop Mt. Tecumseh

  1. Rachel Simon says:

    And the crowd roars. Well done, Dan!

  2. Awesome! I am so jealous, but so proud of your accomplishment.

  3. Jeff Rapsis says:

    Three cheers for Dan’s accomplishment, and for all those who aided and encouraged him. No, make that 48 cheers! Nicely done!

  4. september48 says:

    Thanks all, and thanks for your contributions and support as well! We took the weekend off and spent a wonderful and relaxing day at The Highland Center taking GPS classes and playing ping pong!

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