Presentation and slide show date set, and changes are afoot

A criss cross of trails, looking down off Mt. Eisenhower - one of the shots from our September 48 Campaign that will be shown at our slide show and presentation on Nov. 9 at the Learning Center.

Hello friends!

We’re happy to announce that our slide show and presentation on our amazing journey will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at the Family Learning Center in Manchester. The time will be (approx.) 6-8pm.

This event is open and free to any sponsor, pledger or subscriber and we hope you’ll all attend, if for no other reason then to get a tour of the center, meet the wonderful volunteers who work there and get a real and immediate look at the great work your pledges and support are going toward.

There will be light snacks (trail snacks, plenty of PB&J and trail mix and coffee). We’ll have some raffles, tours of the facility and a slide show of the September 48 Campaign. You don’t have to RSVP, but if you get a chance let us know if you’re coming so we know what to expect.

We also hope to present the center with the total of our collected pledges, so we hope to have collection wrapped up by then as well. For those of you who have sent your pledge, or in many cases sent MORE than your pledge, thank you so much! For those who have not yet sent your pledge, remember the address is 686 Hevey Street, Manchester, NH 03102. Thank you all in advance!

Finally, you may have noticed a large number of non-related posts in the archives of the September 49 website. Have no fear! Dan and Meena run a travel and hiking website called Once the September 48 Campaign is behind us, we will convert into our new site. We’re starting now by simply bringing over some posts and pictures. Nothing will change for any of you, our readers and subscribers. By the end of the year, the change over will be complete and we hope you’ll still be on board as readers and subscribers of

Until then, please mark Nov. 9 on your calendar as you are all invited and stay tuned for more information about the upcoming presentation. And once again, thank you for your support!

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