September 48 Campaign comes to a close, new adventures begin

Friends, following our final presentation for the sisters of Holy Cross at their Manor House this afternoon, our September 48 Campaign has officially come to a close.

At the presentation today, we presented Sister Jackie and the Family Learning Center with a check for $11,500, money that will go toward citizenship classes. With your help, we have been able to provide a clear and immediate benefit to the refugees in our community.

On behalf of Meenakshi and myself, our sincere thanks go out to our business sponsors – Anagnost Companies, HippoPress, NHToDo Magazine, Nixon Law and Republic Cafe. We’d also like to thank Hike for Life and for their support. And of course thank you to all our individual sponsors who stepped up and really came through for the Learning Center.

Our presentations on Thursday were standing room only successes as well, and thank you to everyone who came out to support us. We were very happy to meet you all!

So, what’s next? For the time being, Meena and I will continue to support the Learning Center through advocacy and volunteering. We encourage all of you to do so as well, for whatever cause you may feel passionate about. Real change comes about through the hard work and dedication of regular people working together to solve problems.

Will there be another Campaign next year? Who knows! Certainly, if there is it will be a different challenge for us. To that end, this website will remain active, but will shortly be changing its name and focus. is a website Meena and I founded two years ago and has been the depository of our hiking, travel and food adventures ever since. In the next couple weeks, will switch over to and we’ll continue running a website we hope you all will enjoy.

If you are already subscribed to, nothing will change for you. If you do not wish to subscribe to, simply unsubscribe and you’ll be free. We hope you’ll stick around though, or sign on as a new subscriber, as we have some wonderful hikes and adventures coming up that we can’t wait to share!

If you’re reading this at the website, you can already see that many updates and changes have been made to the site. There will be much more to come, including the continuation of The Nepal Chronicles a day by day travelogue of our hike to Mt. Everest Base Camp.

So, goodbye for now from And stay tuned for And thank you!

Dan and Meena

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4 Responses to September 48 Campaign comes to a close, new adventures begin

  1. Neil says:

    clap clap clap.. nice job and as always I’m happy to hike with you

  2. Thanks Neil! Here’s to 2012 adventures!

  3. I look forward to following Many kudos to you for your great accomplishment. Wish I could have seen the presentation this past week.

  4. Thanks Rachel. The presentations were great fun, and we were so happy that so many people turned out. It was a nice way to celebrate, and offered folks a great chance to come and see what the Learning Center is all about. We brought out some gear for those that are new to hiking, and had some maps on hand as well to show our routes. And since Meena’s birthday was the day before, we even had a cake and sung happy birthday to here! Great times!

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