The new era of EKP begins with a dedication

Dan dedicated this slide show to Meena last week, to celebrate her birthday!

The new era of EKP begins today with a dedication to Meena that’s been on the back burner for quite some time, but since her birthday was just last week, Dan finally finished the project.

After celebrating the success of our September 48 Campaign last week, Dan put together a slide show off Meena’s quest for this goal. She completed her quest atop Mt. Cabot last September. It was time to put that quest to music!

Just click on the link below to go to the slide show, and be sure to turn up the volume. Click on the full screen tag for larger pictures. Here’s the long link:

Coming up this weekend, we have at least one hike with the kids planned, so stay tuned for that. And fans of The Nepal Chronicles will be pleased to learn that Chapter 18 will drop soon.

To all our subscribers from September 48, thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy our new adventures!

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2 Responses to The new era of EKP begins with a dedication

  1. Janelle mylott says:

    Hi Dan thanks for putting us on your website……When are we going hiking again? How are you doing and how was your trip to Buffalo? LOVE, Janelle&Aaron!!

  2. Hey you’re family now Janelle and Aaron so you’re going to be part of our adventure! Can’t wait to go up again, we will soon! We have lots of neat stuff planned for the winter!
    Our trip was nice, good to be home. See you soon.

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