Monday round-up: trots, turkeys and canoes

Getting ready to run!

An unusually warm Buffalo was the site our Thanksgiving celebrations this year. Besides the great family time with Dan’s side of the family, we ran in Buffalo’s Turkey Trot, managed to avoid getting pepper sprayed on Black Friday and saw the great new installation at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

The Buffalo Turkey Trot is an annual tradition for Dan, this year he ran in his fourth straight. It’s a five-mile one-way race that’s one of the most popular in the country. While 13,200 people signed up for the event, this year’s race saw 11,882 actually run. They have been doing this for 116 years in Buffalo and the race has become quite a spectacle with people dressing up as turkeys, pilgrims, The Blues Brothers and other things. There was even a guy dressed like a chicken wing!

Anyway, Dan’s time was way off since he’s suffering from a hernia and was forced to take it slow. But it was still great that Meena stuck by him and the two finished together with a below average time of one hour and eleven minutes. But hey, it’s all for fun!

Then it was off to Thanksgiving dinner at Dan’s sister’s, followed by a little shopping the next day and more visiting on Saturday.

Canoe sculpture at the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo

One highlight of the trip was the magnificent new sculpture on the grounds of Buffalo’s Albright-Knox Art Gallery. The untitled work is a 60-foot tall, grand floral burst of metal assembled from dozens of silver gravity-defying canoes! Los Angeles artist Nancy Rubins’ work is as puzzling as it is joyful – from a distance it looks like the spaceship Superman came to Earth in. But from up close the crazy canoe explosion is held together by wire cables, and looks more like an enormous steel, flowering tree.

Check it out if you get the chance!

Coming up: Chapter 18 of The Nepal Chronicles is right around the corner. We hope to have that chapter up in the next couple weeks. Also, a new installment of Bizarre Snacks is in the making. Finally, Dan is going to put together a two or three-part series on his upcoming surgery and road back to fitness and health. Hey, even getting a hernia fixed can be an adventure. Stay tuned!

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