Chalk up another one… taking inventory

Heading toward Pumoi: With luck, The Nepal Chronicles will be finished and find a publisher in 2012

Well, that year went by fast…

It’s not in us to get sobby or sentimental, and we’re certainly not going to get into regrets, because, hey, it’s a pretty good life we have here!

So instead, let’s take inventory.

1) Thank you all for your support, for being a subscriber, for taking enough interest in us to tag along as we rumble through life and seek out adventure. We hope you’ve had your own adventures this year and wish you many more.

2) We stayed close to home this year, and had to power through some challenges: Meena losing a job and getting a new (better) one, Dan having to deal with some injuries, major home repairs. For a couple more used to just picking up and hauling off to some strange part of the world, it’s been a new experience to stay close to home base. But rewarding as well to get to know our home and our place in it, better.

3) We hiked differently this year, opting to see if we could put our feet to good use and raise money for a charity we both support. With the help of all of you, and many more, it worked. We hiked in the White Mountains in September and we raised $11,500 for the Holy Cross Family Learning Center. Our September 48 Campaign stands as one of our proudest accomplishments, and we did it by never leaving our own backyard!

4) All told, Dan hiked only in New Hampshire in 2011, for a total of 391 miles. He tagged 86 summits, 73 of which were higher than 2,000 feet. His longest two-day stretch was 35.2 miles.

5) We very suddenly adopted (actually they adopted us is more like it) two great twins, who became our shadows and taught us as much as we (hopefully) taught them. Our friendship with them continues to grow and 2012 should be a watershed year for all of us.

So we pause now, but only for a moment. There’s so much more to do, but it will have to wait until next year. We wish you a happy new year and hope we’ll see each other more in 2012. Let it come, we’re ready!

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2 Responses to Chalk up another one… taking inventory

  1. It’s been a pleasure following your 2011 adventures — hope you both have a fantastic 2012. Looking forward to seeing the two of you again at some point, hopefully in the near future. Cheers, Trish

  2. Thanks Trish, and have a great new year yourself! We can’t wait to explore some of those trails (or pizza parlors) with you and the kids! Bring on 2012!

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