Wordless Wednesday: Happiness is…

Keep it simple: Happiness for Aaron is an aisle full of Ramen. Sometimes, noodles is all it takes. How wonderful!

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4 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Happiness is…

  1. Ralph says:

    That could be in a commercial!

  2. LOL thanks Ralph! The kid does have a catchy smile!

  3. I love eating ramen with my son too! Where’s that ramen aisle at btw?

    Happy Momofuku Ando Day [tomorrow]!

    – The Ramen Rater

  4. Hiya Hans! I thought you might like that pic! That is the gigantic Ramen aisle in H Mart in Burlington, Mass. It’s about 45 minutes from where we live in NH but we love the place. In fact, I think we’re going to do a Bizarre Snacks story on just H Mart.

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