Subscriber photo contest, enter to win!

Enter to win any photo that has appeared on EKP, like this shot of glorious Pumori above Kala Patthar, Nepal.

Good Friday morning fellow adventures! As promised, EKP is having a photo contest. The prize is an 8×10 glossy photo of your choice from this website. Any photo! You pick it, we’ll print it and send it to you! If you prefer to blow your own photo up, we’ll send you a high-resolution jpg. Your choice!

The rules are simple. Just leave a comment below. That’s it! Any comment! Tell us what you had for breakfast, or what is your favorite mountain. If you leave a comment, you’ll have entered. On Monday, we’ll randomly select a winner and that winner will pick a photo!

We ask only two things:

1) You must be a subscriber of this website to win

2) We need to get at least 10 comments

It’s as easy as that. So, enter today, enjoy your weekend, and we’ll have a winner on Monday. We’ll also have a sneak preview of our new series! Stay tuned!

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16 Responses to Subscriber photo contest, enter to win!

  1. Neil-e says:

    I refuse to read this blog anymore unless you release your tax returns!

  2. CIndy DeRego says:

    I like most of your pictures! Especially the ones with my kids in them!

  3. Brenda Brackmann says:

    Just discovered you and am just started to read about your journey!

  4. Ralph says:

    My favorite mountain is the one that I’m standing on that day, preferably enjoying with some great friends!

  5. kfox says:

    If I win I will let you pick the photo! 🙂

  6. The D says:

    Dan and Meena are the greatest people EVER! (And no, I’m not trying to suck up so I can win… perhaps). But seriously. You guys rock!

  7. Mark Truman says:

    Love this idea! I’d be very happy with the photo in this post or just about any from EKP!

  8. SDR106 says:

    Been Reading Not Without Peril by Nick Howe, That’s what I’ve been up to………..

  9. Cristy says:

    I would love to win a photo! Signed up to follow you!

  10. Jack Daley says:

    I wish I were skiing in Utah right now!

  11. I figure number 11 works too 🙂

  12. Tracy Degges says:

    They are so awesome.Love them all

  13. Thanks for all the entries, everyone! According to, the winner is *drumroll* Mark Truman! Congrats Mark! And thank you all so much for participating and supporting us and this website! We promise to have many more contests.
    Mark, I’ll give you till the end of the week to pick which photo you’d like. You can always drop me an email at And let me know if you’d like a glossy or a high resolution jpg.
    Thanks again everyone, you are all the best!

    • Mark Truman says:

      I can’t believe that I hadn’t seen the post saying I was the winner until Dan told me. Sheesh! At any rate, after much deliberation (and lots of fun re-looking through all the pictures from the trip) we chose the shot of Ama Dablam over the ridge at sunset. ( I’m really looking forward to seeing this hanging on our wall where it can provide a daily reminder to dream about where we want to be someday. Thanks Dan and Meena for sharing the whole EKP story and for this contest!


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