Monday round-up: We have a winner, and an excerpt from our new series

Good morning everyone! On Friday, we announced a subscriber photo contest. All a subscriber had to do was comment to win. The prize was a glossy 8×10 of their choice from this site. Well, we ran the entries through and we have a winner. Check out the comments section on the contest post below to see if that winner was you! Thanks to everyone who participated, we’ll do this again real soon.

Next up, beginning this Thursday, Part 1 of our three-part series on Dan’s hernia operation and recovery will drop. With more than 750,000 men and women suffering from hernias each year, this injury is one of the most popular, but rarely written about. Perhaps it’s the *ahem* location of a hernia that prevents much non-medical writing about the injury. Well, Dan has no shame, and in the spirit of finding adventure no matter what the situation, embarrassment will be no “bump” in the road for EKP!  Plus, he’s going to have a lot of painful down time on his hands after his Jan. 31 surgery.

So, without further ado, here’s an excerpt from Part 1 of the series that will begin on Thursday, Jan. 26 at 8 a.m. We’re calling it:

The Chronicles of Hernia: The Lying Around, the Stitches and the Loose Wardrobe

Seventeenth-century hernia fix: Trust us, you do not want to know what's happening under the black dot.

Please, before we begin, before your curiosity gets the better of you, DO NOT Google “Hernia Pictures.” I cannot stress this enough.

If there’s one thing the Internet is shockingly good at, it’s presenting the most deformed and freakish version of reality.

Oh, you went and did it didn’t you? You looked.

Fine, get your breathing and/or nausea under control. Seriously, if I looked like the Elephant Man down there do you think I’d be sitting here writing this? Come to think of it, do you think I’d be sitting? No, I’d be part of some circus show in western Nebraska where you’d pay a buck to watch me lasso a pot-bellied pig with my small intestine.

So, relax, and lay off the John Merrick jokes! The fact is, when it happened there wasn’t even any pain. I didn’t even know until…. well, I’m getting about 3,500 years ahead of myself.

Did you know that archeologists found mummies with what appear to be hernia repairs? And even in the Hippocratic Corpus, the 5th Century BC texts of ancient Greek medical works, hernias were thought to be caused by drinking water that originated from distant lands. Turns out, men (and women) have been blowing through their abdominal walls for a long, long time.

But that’s all ancient (literally) history. My story begins around 1880 in Genoa, Italy. That’s where Edoardo Bassini was tearing it up at the Italian Surgical Society with a non-stop record of hernia repair. Before him it was all Victorian-era hernia trusses and inquisition-like poking and jabbing and blood-letting. If George Clinton was the Godfather of Funk, then Bassini was the Godfather of Lump.

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2 Responses to Monday round-up: We have a winner, and an excerpt from our new series

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your operation! Glad you’re approaching it in such a creative and entertaining fashion, though. Get well soon and let us know if we can do anything!

  2. Hi Trish, thanks for the encouragement… considering the fact that I’m going to have to miss all of Winter 2012, if I don’t laugh about it, I’m just going to cry! Anyway, since you asked, I’m going to have tons of down time after the surgery and boy I’ll bet reading this certain new book that’s coming out soon about a mom and her daughter hiking would be great. Have you heard of it? 🙂

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