Monday round-up: Films and art and Nepal, oh my!

Worth the trip: Even the saddest of trips can be made better by reconnecting with family, like Dan's nephew Ben!

Many thanks to all our supporters and friends who sent well wishes and condolences after the passing of Dan’s aunt. She was put to rest over the weekend, and it meant a lot to Dan to have the support of so many during a difficult weekend.

Dan’s recovery after surgery is coming along nicely as well. He’s down to just extra-strength Tylenol as the pain has receded to a dull ache. With luck, by the end of the month, or earlier, he’ll be back in the gym and EKP will be planning our next hike!

For now, here’s a break-down of some upcoming events and posts to look for this winter. We hope you’ll join us!

New England Bollywood Festival: Meena and Dan organize and run an annual Bollywood Film Festival, the only one of its kind in New Hampshire. This year, the second annual festival will take place on Saturday, May 12 at Wilton Town Hall Theatre in Wilton, N.H. There will be lots of cross-over between that event and EKP, starting with the festival’s website which you can check out here: New England Bollywood Film Festival

BANFF in Portsmouth: Thanks to a birthday gift from Meena, we’ll be attending the BANFF Mountain Film Festival in Portsmouth on Wednesday! This great annual event showcases some of the world’s best short films on adventure and extreme sports. We’ll post a report of the festival on Thursday. Maybe we’ll see some of you there! Here’s a link so you can check out the great films that are going to play: BANFF Film Festival

Noonan at Kimball Jenkins: Our good friend and great illustrator Peter Noonan is having a artist’s reception at the Kimball Jenkins Estate in Concord on Thursday. Many of you already know Peter’s work. He is the designer behind the logos for The Nepal Chronicles and the Chronicles of Hernia. You can see those at right. Here’s some info on the event. It’s free, go give Peter some EKP love: Peter Noonan

The Nepal Chronicles returns: Finally, Chapter 18 of The Nepal Chronicles will drop on Thursday, Feb. 23. When last we left off, our adventurers were stuck in Lukla waiting to get home. With 24 left before their flight leaves Kathmandu, the pressure is on to escape the mountains for home. Until then, catch up on the rest of the adventure here: Nepal Chronicles Chapter One

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2 Responses to Monday round-up: Films and art and Nepal, oh my!

  1. Ralph says:

    Dan, so sorry to hear about your Aunt, I hadn’t heard until now. Please accept my condolences.
    And best wishes for a quick recovery! Look ofrward to seeing you on the trail again.


    • Hi Ralph, thank you so much! It was a tough week, but we’re back on track now and looking to the future. Recovery is coming along well, I hope to be back in the gym next week. Thanks again!

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