Monday round-up: It’s only one hill

Running up that road, running up that hill, no problem: Runners begin their climb up Mt. Washington at last year's race. Dan and Meena are in the lottery for this year's race.

Well, now we’ve gone and done it.

It was a quiet weekend on the homestead – errands, some tubing, Oscars – not much to report, really.

But today, as a way to jump-start our training for the 2012 running and hiking season, we decided to register to run the Mt. Washington Road Race in June! Yike!

It’s a lottery event, so we won’t know if we’ve been selected until March 16. Each year, about a 1,000 insane, hardy runners from all over the country run up the auto road on Mt. Washington, a 7.6 mile stretch of brutal, steep, usually cold, mostly wet, bug infested, relentless paved and dirt track of road that leads to the highest point in New England.

We’ve climbed the mountain itself many times… but running up that road? Well, that’s something else entirely. Here’s the link to the race web site: Only One Hill

Really, this is all our friend Neil’s fault. Our hiking and running buddy, on a whim, signed up last year for the thing, and was picked! So, we came out to cheer him on last June and it turned into a great day. And despite the fact that he hiked like a half-comatose sand crab up Mt. Willey the next morning, he did pretty well for himself on the race itself.

So we thought, what the heck! If nothing else it will give us a good reason (actually a life and death reason) to hit the gym and get back into fighting shape!

So far, besides us and Neil, our friend Jeff has also registered. Maybe we’ll have a whole team going up. Come join us! We’ll let you know how things turn out on March 16!

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8 Responses to Monday round-up: It’s only one hill

  1. Ralph says:

    Okay, so I was intrigued enough to at least look into this and even got my daughter, Alicia, to agree to register, too. I saw that they want you to be able to finish within 3:02 but neither of us does any running. I’m concerned about only making it half way in hat time. What do you guys think? I need some motivation to get back in shape and this would certainly do it.

    Neil, I know you run regularly, what was your official time last year?

  2. Hi Ralph, all good concerns! The one and only marathon I ran, I finished in 2:50! And that was flat! So, needless to say, I have some work to do as well.
    But, first there’s no certainty that you’ll even be selected since it’s a lottery. Second, if you don’t finish in time, they won’t kick you off the mountain, you’ll just finish without a time. And third, you’ll have three month to focus your entire life being on running up this hill without dying in the process. Plenty of time!
    I’ve been told that if I am selected to start running stairs, stairmasters and inclines. There is almost no flat surface in the entire 7.6 course!
    I think Neil ran it around 2:15-2:30 something like that?

  3. My biggest fear is not that I’ll be picked, but that I’ll be the ONLY one picked! Gaaa! LOL!

  4. Jackie V says:

    Would love to come and join you, but I can barely climb a few steps at this point!!!!! Sr. J. Verville

  5. Thanks Sister Jackie! We know you’ll be with us in spirit if we get picked!

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