Monday round-up: Behold, Fort Marshmallow

It snowed Thursday and Friday. Yes, we know, the mountains have had snow all winter, but poor little old Manchester has been stuck with, at best, that crummy, dirty slush-snow. So, given that the temps shot back up into the 40s over the weekend, and winter appeared to once again be slipping away, Janelle and I decided to build a fort.

Aaron was down with a cold and Meena was getting ready for a work road trip, so we wanted to use the nice day Sunday to play in what snow we had.

But not just any old snow fort. Oh, no, this one has chicken wire, an old screen window, left over rugs, plenty of rope and a ski pole for center support. It may look like a Fat Albert, back alley special, but we like to think of it as more of a Mad Max kind of shelter.

We decided to use the already standing iron fence as the main wall and build around it, using the chicken wire as the frame. It became so elaborate at one point, that Meena came out to see what the heck was going on. (Also, we think to make sure we were not destroying anything valuable. And also to team up with Janelle against me in a snowball fight. Women!)

We christened the structure Fort Marshmallow, after the shape of the insulating snow blocks! It came out pretty good, we think. What do you think?

Fort Marshmallow and its defenders.


Adventures on the horizon: There are some exciting adventures, finally, on the schedule. Dan is more or less ready to get back into the saddle after surgery, and we’ll try a quick trip up north this weekend to attempt a nice easy peak, perhaps Mt. Willard or even Mt. Avalon weather permitting. So, we’ll report on that.

Also, the real work is about to begin on another Dan and Meena annual project, the second annual New England Bollywood Film Festival. The event takes place May 12 at Wilton Town Hall Theatre in Wilton, NH. If you like world cinema, this festival is for you! Check out our website for more information here: New England Bollywood Film Festival

Meanwhile, here at EKP, The Nepal Chronicles will return soon, we promise! Maybe as soon as this week. And we’ll have all the reports and outcomes of a series of runs planned for the 2012 season, starting with the Manchester Shamrock Shuffle on March 25! Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Monday round-up: Behold, Fort Marshmallow

  1. Ellen says:

    I loved making snow shelters as a kid and a few winters ago finally got to sleep in one I helped make.

  2. Jacqueline Verville says:

    Wow! What a great fort! Congrats to the builders. Bollywood here we come. The Shamrock Shuffle? What is it? Where does it take place? How about our spaghetti supper on April 20th, 6 pm!!!!!!!! Sr. Jacqueline

    • Thanks Sister Jackie! Yes, we hope that you can make a field trip out again this year, we’ll have another raffle for the Learning Center! And you bet, we’re going to be there for the spaghetti supper, can’t wait!

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