Mt. Washington Road Race update

For last year's race, we walked part way up the road to watch the runners cruise by. This year, Meena will be runnin' up that hill!

Well, we split the vote!

Meena’s name was drawn in the Mt. Washington Road Race lottery! Dan’s was not.

Oh well, one of us getting in at least means the other will have to train as well! Congrats to Meena. Just being selected to run the ONLY ONE HILL race on June 16 is a huge accomplishment to say nothing of actually running one of the most difficult races in the world.

It’s 7.6 miles to the top of Mt. Washington along grades that average 11-12 percent. This is a huge feather in any runners’ cap. We’re looking forward to getting our training started and making a hardbody out of Meena!

Here’s a link to a story we did on entering the lottery a few weeks back: We enter the lottery

And here’s a link to the Road Race website: Only One Hill

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4 Responses to Mt. Washington Road Race update

  1. Gloria Zogopoulos says:

    Congrats Meena! Have a great race – and be sure Dan trains right along with you!

  2. Jackie V says:

    Yeah! Guess we know who is the right person for this race!!!!! ha! ha! Sr. Jacqueline

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