Monday round-up: Shout out to other adventurers

On Sunday, we were thrilled to experience first hand some of the joy and accomplishment of other adventurers who offered us a great day of activities. We thought we’d dedicate today’s round-up to highlighting three people who have made our lives better through their own work and passion.

Pre-race thumbs up: Our motley crew (Dan, Ian, Meg, Jeff, Aaron, Brody, Kristen and Janelle) get ready to run.

Running is his passion: First up, John Mortimer of Millennium Running. On Sunday, the twins ran with us in the Shamrock Shuffle, a great two-mile pre-parade race in Manchester that attracts thousands of runners. Nearly half those runners are under the age of 12. Why? Because John and Millennium Running are so focused on providing fun and safe athletic events to kids that if you’re under 12, you can run for free.

In an industry that regularly charges $20-30 no matter what your age to run in real professional races, Millennium bucks the trend. Over the course of 2012, Millennium is offering seven races of various lengths to the under 12-set. We missed the first one, but after the Shuffle, we hope to sign up for the remaining five.

By the way, the twins did great. Aaron finished with a 25:05 time, while Janelle came in at 20:03!

You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy these races. Just get your kids outside, and running for fun can be the goal. Here’s the website. We urge you to support John and his passion: Millennium Running.

Book nerds: Dan and Rachel at Toadstool Books.

The story of an old friend: Nearly twenty years ago, Dan had just started working as a lowly clerk at a B. Dalton in downtown Philadelphia. In walked Rachel Simon, who had just released a book of short fiction called Little Nightmares, Little Dreams. She was there to sign copies of her new book, and at the time Dan thought meeting a real author with a real book published was just about the coolest thing in the world. They became friends, and twenty years later, Rachel is a New York Times bestselling author. On Sunday, the two friends reunited when Rachel came to Toadstool Bookstore in Peterborough to talk about her latest book, The Story of Beautiful Girl.

After, the two had the chance to catch up over tea. Over the years, Rachel has become a nationally recognized public speaker on issues related to diversity and disability. Her book, Riding The Bus with My Sister was adapted for a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie starring Rosie O’ Donnell and Andie McDowell.

While it was great to catch up with an old friend, Dan still admits to being a little star-struck having tea with a New York Times bestselling author. We urge you to stop by Rachel’s website, check out her work and buy her latest book. You’ll be glad you did and we promise you’ll become a fan: Rachel Simon

Piano man: Jeff tinkling the keys.

Delivering the silence: Nobody speaks for Silent Films more loudly than Jeff Rapsis, a local musician who has become something on an institution in New England for delivering live accompaniment to films from the great silent era.

Either on a piano or synthesizer, Jeff free-styles his way through hours of celluloid breathing new life into classics that haven’t been shown, in some case, for decades. We’ve been friends with Jeff for many years and can attest to his passion for making sure some of the most amazing films ever made are not regulated to the dust bin.

On Sunday at Wilton Town Hall Theatre, Jeff was at it again, playing for “Noah’s Ark” a spectacular 1928 epic. If your only experience with silent film is late-night cable, or even TNT Network, do yourself a big favor and attend one of Jeff’s events, many of which are free. There is nothing like live music played well at a silent film event. It will make you fall in love again with the movies. Check out Jeff’s website here for future events: Jeff Rapsis

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  1. Gloria Zogopoulos says:

    Neat stories.

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