Monday round-up: Updates, tributes and Bollywood

After the warm response this site received regarding our interview with hiking legends, Trish, Alex and Sage, in Climbing as a way of life, we decided it was time to give some credit where credit is due. With that in mind, this week’s round-up is dedicated to some sites and posts that really stood out in last week’s celebration of Trish’s book.

First up, with the publication last week of Up: A Mother and Daughter’s Peakpagging Adventure, Trish Ellis Herr solidified her place in White Mountain lore. The memoir is a wonderful read whether you have kids or not, and whether you hike or not. Inspiration is guaranteed and we highly recommend you check out Trish’s site for more information and her reading schedule: Trish, Alex and Sage

Speaking of that book release, Trish and her family opened their book tour at Harvard Coop last Tuesday. Well, Ramblings blogger Mark Truman was there with his trusty camera to capture the event. See if you can recognize any familiar faces! Oh, and Mark wrote a personal and heart-felt narrative of the day as well: An UP evening in Cambridge

Karl over at Live Free or Hike, put up a nice links-driven post about the event and some pictures as well. He also mentioned our interview. How self-referential of us to give him a shout out! But Karl’s a great writer and the blog in general is worth checking out: The book Up

Finally, we really like this interview on the blog, Rock and Ice. The write up offers some great insight into Hugh Herr’s own survival story and how that affects his hiking kids today: Rock and Ice

Brad, photo courtesy Mark Truman.

RIP Brad Bradstreet: The White Mountains and Mt. Washington Observatory lost a great soul.

Photographer, hiker and mountain wiz, Brad Bradstreet passed away last week. We had never met him, but we knew of him, and from the accounts posted after his passing, we wish we would have met him.

If you’d like to see some of Brad’s work, here’s his website: Brad Bradstreet

One of the finest tributes to Brad can be found, once again, on Ramblings, the wonderful blog by Mark Truman. You won’t have a dry eye by the time you’re done: A tribute to Brad

Bollywood is coming: Finally, as we do ever year around this time, the adventures at EKP Adventures will slow down a bit for the next month, as Meena and Dan ramp up to the New England Bollywood Film Festival, the annual event they organize and run at Wilton Town Hall Theatre. While we have plenty of exciting things happening in the next few weeks, including trips to Portland and Philadelphia, a lot of time and energy will be spent on the film event. We hope you’ll join us there for this very unique and fun event, and we’ll cross promote the festival here on EKP as well. Please check it out and maybe we’ll see you there: Bollywood Film Festival

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