Monday round-up: Cheesesteaks, high-points and the Liberty Bell

Air Aaron: The boy catches some air on the climbing wall at the Earth Day Festival Saturday.

EKP is on the move again this week, as we pack up the twins and head to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia!

A wild and wacky five-day expedition is planned with stops at the state high points of New Jersey and Delaware, a no holds barred taste test of the who has the best Cheesesteak in Philly, visits to the Liberty Bell and the Insect Museum and a stop at Bobby Flay’s new joint, Bobby’s Burger Palace!

Dan’s oldest friend, Alan, has graciously opened his doors to allow our little team to make Base Camp at his home. Thanks Alan and Jennifer, we hope you know what you’re getting into! We’ll do some reporting from the road and have a big wrap up next week and lots and lots of pictures we’re sure!

If anyone has any great Philly with Kids ideas for us, let us know! You can also find both Dan and Meena on Facebook. Stop by there and “friend” us for pics and updates!

Until then, here’s some great shots of Aaron, Janelle and Meg rocking the climbing wall at Saturday’s Earth Day Festival at Stonyfield Yogurt in Londonderry.

Thanks for the support and keep on adventuring! We’re off!

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2 Responses to Monday round-up: Cheesesteaks, high-points and the Liberty Bell

  1. Awesome!! Sounds like you’re having a great time.

    When you get to Delaware, look for the well-dressed lady with gray/white hair…she lives nearby… if she looks out her window and sees you near the “summit,” then she’ll come out and hand you the register. 🙂

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