EKP to become EMS contributor!

Steep Wapack: The Wapack Trail climbs to the summit of 2,290 foot Pack Monadnock. This is the route Dan and Janelle will take to meet Meena after her race. This pic is from an epic Wapack Trail traverse Dan and Meena took last year.

It’s been a great week for EKP. On Wednesday we learned that starting next week, Eastern Mountain Sports will begin picking up EKP content for the gear company’s online outdoors blog! We hope to be featured 2-4 times a month at the site, and the focus of our EMS posts will be hiking with kids and urban explorations.

Here’s a link to the current EMS blog site: EMS Blog

We’re excited about this opportunity and hope it will open up EKP to a whole new readership. In the weeks ahead, we also plan on creating a Facebook page for EKP to help spread the word. So, look for that!

Meanwhile, Meena’s training for the June 16 Mt. Washington Road Race continues Sunday at the annual Pack Monadnock Road Race. This difficult 10-mile hill challenge runs from Wilton to the summit of Pack Monadnock and will really give Meena a good idea of how well her training is coming. Dan and Janelle will drop Meena off at the start line, then park at the base of Pack Monadnock and hike up to meet her at the top. It’s going to be an exciting day, and of course we’ll have pictures and report on Monday.

Here’s the link to the road race web site: Pack Monadnock Road Race

As always, if anyone is interested in joining Meena for the race or Dan and Janelle for the hike, let us know! Have a great weekend, and get outside and have an adventure!

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