Wordless Wednesday: Mt. Washington road race awaits Meena

Hard running: Racers begin their journey up Mt. Washington at last year’s road race.

This is it! On Saturday, Meena will be part of the annual Mt. Washington Road Race, 7.6 miles of up!

She’s been working so hard for this event; one of the premiere running races in the world. On Friday, Dan and Meena will head north to meet a fellow runner and her boyfriend who will take Dan to the top to wait for Meena to arrive. Plans still need to be made and logistics worked out.

We’ll be back next week to let you know how it went! Wish her luck!

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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Mt. Washington road race awaits Meena

  1. wbwoodley says:

    Good luck & have fun! It is such a great event. Be sure to get the White Mtn Miler’s bumper sticker “The driver of this car RAN Mount Washington”.

  2. Nancy Crissinger says:

    WOW! Go, Meena!!!!

  3. Mark Truman says:

    Good luck Meena! I know you’re going to do great!! We’re planning to be on Adams on Saturday – we’ll wave and cheer you on from there!

    • Great Mark, good luck yourself! Are you staying up there someplace for the weekend or is it a day trip. Let us know where you’ll be and if Meena can walk afterward maybe we’ll see you!

      • Mark Truman says:

        We’re actually staying at Crag Camp on Saturday night with a group of friends. We stopped by there on our way down from Adams last summer and hoped to have a chance to return and stay. Can’t wait to spend the night there on what looks like a night made for star gazing. I can even be wishful for a view of the aurora after seeing Ryan’s pics from Monday night. So bottom line is, we’d love to see you but I’m guessing that Meena isn’t going to want to walk there 😉

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