Wordless Wednesday: Mountain bike madness

Tough Cookie gets her first taste of mountain biking and lives up to her trail name!

Urban biking

Open trail!

What’s the hold up?

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4 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Mountain bike madness

  1. SDR106 says:

    It was our first time mountain biking on Snows Mountain Wednesday. Really enjoyable riding down, we even saw a few folks riding UP! My daughter did take a couple of hard spills in the beginning, I think we wore the brakes out after that, lol.

    • Snows Mountain? That’s in Waterville, right? Were you able to get the bikes up on a lift? And yeah, I think with something like mountain biking, you just have to be careful and let them fall down a few times 🙂

  2. SDR106 says:

    Yes, it’s in Waterville Valley. They have hooks on the chairlift for the bikes to go up, you can then take a path to Cascade Falls and continue down a logging road 4.0 miles, a bit tricky in the beginning where we walked the bikes a bit but after the falls (nice swimming spot) it really smooths out for an enjoyable ride down close to where you start.

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