Monday round-up: From Stinson to Israel, we trek on with 2 more With a View

Celebrating atop Mt. Israel: Tough Cookie is all thumbs at the summit of Mt. Israel, #7 of the 52 With a View!

Our journey through New Hampshire’s 52 With a View list continued this week with hikes up Stinson and Israel. Janelle and I had fine weather on Thursday as we made our way out to Rumney for the hike up 2,900 foot Stinson. On Sunday, however, the heat was on and the relentless Wentworth Trail up 2,630 foot Israel took its toll!

This week, we present photo essays of our trips!

For our hike up Stinson, link here: #6 Stinson

For our hike up Israel, link here: #7 Israel

We hope you enjoy these pics. We have a big announcement coming up soon, hopefully this week. Stay tuned, the adventure is just beginning!

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6 Responses to Monday round-up: From Stinson to Israel, we trek on with 2 more With a View

  1. mtruman42 says:

    Nice! I’m sure the heat on Sunday didn’t make things as enjoyable as they could have been, but hope the views made up for it. 52WAV is my kind of list!

    • Thanks Mark! Hey, any day in the mountains is a good one, even in the heat! It’s a wonderful list and the girl and I are enjoying it very much. Can’t wait to read your post on Seek the Peak!

  2. SDR106 says:

    We hate living 200 miles away in flat R.I., nice hike.

  3. Jackie V says:

    Way to go Janelle! Good for you! Lokks like you enjoy climbing these big ones! Sr. Jacqueline

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