First book, a trail guide of New Hampshire’s 52WAV, in the works. Come join the adventure!

The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie: Coming May, 2013!

To all our wonderful readers and followers. Great news!

It’s with a great deal of pride and excitement that I announce that Bondcliff Books, a regional publisher that specializes in books about The White Mountains, will be publishing my first book in May, 2013!

Tentatively titled, The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie, here’s our official website:

And here’s the official blurb:

“The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie is a book about some special mountains, a peak-by-peak trail guide to help hikers learn about and explore one of New Hampshire’s least-known mountain summit lists, the 52 With a View.

But the book is also a personal memoir and travelogue of two friends, a seasoned middle-aged climber and an energetic fourth-grader, as they set off on a bonding journey that will change both their lives.

The book is a moving personal account of what happened when the author and his wife unexpectedly became part-time caretakers of 10-year-old twins. Bondcliff Books is proud to present a hiking book unlike any other.

Part trail guide, part memoir, The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie is a journey through some of the state’s least-known mountains, but is also a meditation on the transformative power of friendship, commitment and the many meanings of family.”

The official website is up and running, and we hope you’ll join us by following along on our journey. We hope to finish the list by Nov. 5, and as we summit each mountain, the website will offer a short excerpt and photo from that hike as a way of keeping our followers up-to-date on our adventure.

Buffalo and Tough Cookie atop Mt. Israel

At this early stage we’re asking for you to support this project by spreading the word and subscribing now via email to the site in the same way you’ve shown us your support by subscribing to this site! Simply go to the site, type in your email under the “Subscribe by email” tab on the right and click enter. You’ll get an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you do, you’re all set to get updates and special posts from us as this project moves forward.

Onward and upward! Over the course of the next six months, this site, EKP, will continue on as a personal blog about our other hiking and travel adventures. Meanwhile, the site will document Dan and Janelle’s journey though the mountain list, then will become the official site for marketing and book signings, etc. when the book comes out.

M and I have appreciated your support and interest and we hope this new project will be just as interesting and fun!

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Greetings from the top of Maine!

Greetings from the top of Maine!

EKP has been a little dark this past week as we just returned from a successful summit of Mt. Katahdin in Maine and have been going through photos, washing clothes and sleeping. A lot of sleeping!

What an amazing journey! Our first photo album is finished and we thought the best way to celebrate would be to give our readers a link and let them browse at their leisure.

Please enjoy: Katahdin Baxter State Park

And stay tuned right here for a very special, and exciting, announcement coming at 9 a.m., Tuesday, Aug. 14. Don’t miss it!

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Katahdin this weekend!

Just a quick note to update our followers on our Maine trip. EKP has been somewhat silent this past week as we prepare for our trip to Mt. Katahdin this weekend. Our summit day is Saturday, and so far weather looks good!

For those of you on Facebook, we’ll try to make posts. Either way, we’ll have a full report when we get back. And also some very exciting news of another sort as well. Stay tuned, keep hiking and we’ll see you all soon!

D & M

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Wordless Wednesday: Moby planter

Ahab’s in the backyard: To the last I plant nasturtiums in thee; from Meena’s garden I grow at thee; for growth’s sake I spit my last water at thee.”

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Monday round-up: From Stinson to Israel, we trek on with 2 more With a View

Celebrating atop Mt. Israel: Tough Cookie is all thumbs at the summit of Mt. Israel, #7 of the 52 With a View!

Our journey through New Hampshire’s 52 With a View list continued this week with hikes up Stinson and Israel. Janelle and I had fine weather on Thursday as we made our way out to Rumney for the hike up 2,900 foot Stinson. On Sunday, however, the heat was on and the relentless Wentworth Trail up 2,630 foot Israel took its toll!

This week, we present photo essays of our trips!

For our hike up Stinson, link here: #6 Stinson

For our hike up Israel, link here: #7 Israel

We hope you enjoy these pics. We have a big announcement coming up soon, hopefully this week. Stay tuned, the adventure is just beginning!

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Wordless Wednesday: Summer breeze

Mountain sun: Meena takes a break and tries to catch a breeze and some sun along the Ethan Pond Tail in Zealand Valley.

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Monday round-up: Triathlon anyone? Not quite yet, thank you!

Color them yellow: A sea of yellow-capped swimmers get their final instructions before beginning the Give Peace a Tri triathlon in Surry, N.H.

Meenakshi and I had a full plate this week and this weekend between babysitting my niece and nephew and a whole list of household projects to begin including rebuilding the front porch steps and painting the kitchen.

But when our friend Jeff Rapsis (he of “let’s take an easy bike ride to Harrisville” fame) told us he was participating in his first triathlon on Saturday, we jumped at the chance to be his “pit crew” for the event.

First, we wanted to make sure there was somebody there to identify the body. Second, both of us have entertained thoughts of a triathlon, though Meena can’t swim and I’m more of a floater. So, we wanted to see what this whole triathlon business was all about.

So, off to Surry, N.H. we went. (Yeah, I know, where the hell is that? Just north of Keene it turns out!)

Our job as pit crew was mainly to tease Jeff, point out all the hard bodies in various states of undress and make sure he didn’t accidentally swim over the top of the Surry Dam. We also helped get him through the transition areas. Turns out this was the easiest part since Jeff was so woefully under-geared that he basically just had to hop on and off the bike and get riding or running. None of those fancy-schmancy swim body suits or clip-on bike shoes to weigh him down!

Bike, bikes, bikes: The confusing bike transition area made it difficult for riders to figure out where to go to start running.

Anyway, Jeff did fine for his first time. Plenty of folks finished behind him. He didn’t drown. And there were no broken bones. Yeah, Jeff!

We urge you to take a moment and go over to Jeff’s blog to read all about the event in his own words: Running the 234

You can find all our photos from the day here: Jeff’s Tri

For our part, we learned a lot about the logistics of running a triathlon, mainly how hard it is to organize. The Give Peace a Tri is in its seventh year, but the organizers have not yet figured out some crucial details. For example, there were no snacks of any kind for racers, not even the standard yogurt and bananas. Also, they ran out of cups. With less than 200 racers on the field, this seemed a bit silly.

The biggest issues was the bike-to-run transition area. There was no clear sign or volunteer helping racers who dropped their bikes figure out where to go to begin running. Since we were waiting for Jeff in the transistion area, Meena and I found ourselves helping racers get to the running start.

Further complicating the transition was the lack of crowd control, often resulting in spectators blocking the way, or even cars driving by in the middle of the park road as runners and riders were racing by.

Many of these problems could be fixed with a few more volunteers. Perhaps we’ll do that next year.

Otherwise, it was fun. The biking and runners sections were very doable for us. Though we only saw one other Schwinn bike in the race. But we’re going to have to get swimming if we want to a) not drown and b) be competitive when the time come for our first triathlon.


Katahdin Update: In other news, training for our Mt. Katahdin hike continues this weekend with a Presidential Range Traverse attempt. We’ll be going on the Mt. Washington Observatory Seek the Peak charity climb day, so with luck, we’ll see plenty of fellow hikers we know up there! I’ve attempted a Presi Traverse for the past three years around the Summer Solstice and have been turned back each time due to storms. But the weather forecast looks good for Saturday, so we’ll see if going a month later helps.

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