Biddeford Millyard, Biddeford Maine

One of the highlights of our mini-vacation in Portland over the weekend was stopping in Biddeford, Maine on the way to explore that town’s old millyard site. Over the years, Biddeford has worked hard to reclaim that mill complex along the Saco River.

And while, there are a good number of office spaces, condos and restaurants, there’s still plenty of good old fashioned, beautiful urban blight to explore.

We thought as a change of pace this Monday, we’d present an artful photo essay of this amazing site. If any of our readers have an cool stories or history about the Biddeford textile miles, let us know. Enjoy!

Here’s a link to the complete set: Biddeford Mills

Rotting time: The clock tower from the Lincoln Mill has been removed from its perch and is sitting near the street slowly falling apart.

Signs of life: A long colorful mural spans a retaining wall near the river.

Past and present: Old design, new design. Both beautiful!

Headless mill: The Lincoln Mill with its decapitated clock tower.


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